Blue Box
Electronic Sacramento, CA  USA
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Mixing influences from around the world, electronic music for the global trekker.
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if they move, kill 'em.
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Cyber Ants: future wars, towering bio-engineered ants sent skyward, a rage of chaos across distant space. The incoming approach sounds. This is their war cry. Twisted break beatz for the mechanically inclined.
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Rapid-fire orchestral drum & bass that melds tasteful beats with sublime instrumentation. Hope you have a sub 'cause without one you’re only listening to half the song. Bow down to the BASS.
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Tribal House as it should be. Massive drums, brooding bass, big atmosphere. And oh ya, wait till the dulcimer drops about midway through. You aint ever heard tribal house like this.
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Breakbeat driven melodic trance propelled by a classical Indian music instrument called a Sarangi. Sure to catch the attention of candy kid and world beat listener alike. Enjoy the journey.
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Beats glitched and spastic, riding undercurrents of rattling sub. Traditional Laotian folk stylings flow in improv, ancestral precursors to our mighty MC’s. Genre bends and an attempt at innovation.
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Electric spasms across mechanical clockwork, conscious computation fired into being. Sudden awareness; number logic chains no more... recline and raised feet to the order of weekday tedium. Watch the clouds drift, lazy robot.
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Long drives through fading year and frosted landscape: fallen foliage against ice aglow, trailing curls of exhaled vapor. These days of hearth & home. Ambient Glitch-Hop to wrap yourself up in.
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initiating startup sequence [] energy levels: optimum [] scanning [] incoming trajectories detected [] offensive systems on-line [] countermeasures initializing [] vectors locked [] shields up [] all stations full alert [] sonic assault commencing...
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