HipHop Richmond, VA  USA
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Just got off work, felt liek doing a quick freestyle...practice da skills...nah'mean?...peep.
This is some mixtape shyt I did to the instrumental by Kanye.."The Corners". Jus' spittin' some original hip-hop shyt...peep it..
Somethin I made to put up on www.paxed.com as my shout outz to peeps from around the way. Written and Recorded in unda 30 minutes...quality might not be all that...but blah...Rapped off " Murda Marcy "...peep it...
This is two songs in one....it switches from a album track I made called "The King"...to some mixtape shyt..flowin off of "The Potion" by Ludacris....rippin' a cat name kataracks...peep it...
Somethin quick I did. I excercised my skill over the Missy Instrumental "Wake Up"....good shyt...
This is a track for my battle vs. a guy name Kataracks. Didn't use any personals in my verse...don't really know the guy...but yea...here it iz...on a silver platter.
These are two unreleased tracks I recorded like a month or two ago. The intro is actually the intro I had planned to use on my next album...but I threw it out. As far as Don't Let Me Die...I jus' felt like doin some mixtape shyt to it....peep it..
This is a mixtape track done to the New York, New York Instrumental. My boy(Don C) and I hooked up on this one...jus' speakin on how it is where we from...
This is a song basically puttin into detail the decisionz I've had to make to get to where I am now...peep it.
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