Bryan James Benson
Rock Kentwood, MI  USA
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My name is Bryan James Benson and this band page consists of songs I have mostly written and created myself, with the exception of some drum tracks laid down by
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A song that is slightly politically charged yet geared as a simple means of getting everyone to see what is going on around them and to stand up together to overcome "The Machine".
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A song in which I recorded at Tony Babcock's studio above the radio station in Munising, MI. over two days in the summer of I think it was 2001. Props to Tony Babcock for his knowledge and prowess of the recording and mixing process!
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Here is a "spoof" on the Led Zeppelin song, "Going to California". I re-wrote the lyrics to describe going up north to our camp on 16 Mile Lake for Labor Day Weekend.
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I figured I would try to dissect this song on keyboards, drums, and vocals. As you can tell, I am no seasoned piano player! I thought it was an interesting process though, and I definitely learned some piano technique toiling through take after take!
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A Kenny Wayne Shepperd cover song recorded as a part of a demo pack for a rock cover band project.
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I always liked this melancholy song and decided to try to re-create it. It sounds so sad but is a great harmony song for vocals. Clark and McGuinn did it again!...
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