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A fission of high driven techno phrases with organic sounds, in a progressive, gothic fashion.
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Peak in sub-genre #9 3
standard trance vibe with a small amount of industrial nuances riddled throughout. featuring kirsty hawkshaw on vocals.
Peak in sub-genre #14 3
catacombs remix
written at 4:00 in the morning. this was the beginning of the new delta-s dream and vision.
Peak in sub-genre #18 2
From the second unreleased album of delta-s
Peak in sub-genre #16 3
harsh electro with guitar that erupts into synth-pop bliss.
Peak in sub-genre #7 2
Peak position #91 2
rough and aggressive ebm and industrial hybrid piece with vocals courtesy of pamela vain, at 123 bpm.
Peak in sub-genre #14 2
standard industrial that swings between a funky groove and metal influences. complete with sexcore samples.
Peak in sub-genre #7 2
a classic industrial style with overdriven guitars and riddled with techno.
Peak in sub-genre #16 2
vocal driven synthpop with a distinguished trance influence.
Peak in sub-genre #16 2
a soft, ambient, and dark industrial style
Peak in sub-genre #15 2
one of my first delta-s projects. I put this in for its humor value alone.
experimenting with more ebm/darkwave sounds
Peak in sub-genre #37 3
a collaboration between lyte and david
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