Nosferatu UK Goth Rock
Rock Berlin, Germany
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Established in England in 1988, Nosferatu have grown to become one of the most successful Second Wave Gothic Rock Bands Worldwide and most certainly in England.
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This sampler is a taste of 5 songs from our forthcoming album 'WONDERLAND' which is being released on Monday 07th March 2011... Spread the word!
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NOSFERATU'S 8th CD Single & download reached Number 6 in the Uk Amazon CD Single Charts in April 2010. Appears on the forthcoming NOSFERATU studio album "WONDERLAND"
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From the forthcoming NOSFERATU studio album "Wonderland". Scheduled for release on Monday 07th March 2011.
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Darkness Brings by Nosferatu is a 7 minute epic track taken from the 1998 album 'Lord Of The Flies'
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Vocals were recorded in the toilet in DeVilles house!Why?Well some smart Alec might say "Those vocals sound like they were recorded in a toilet"Cue the bands reply "That's because they were!"
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This song was recorded by Nosferatu in January 1992 & appeared on the B Side of Their 3rd 12" Single "Diva". If the artwork had not alreday been prepared this song would have most definitely been "The Single"
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