Alternative Tempe, AZ  USA
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rock, alt.country, americana, pop, boot-gazer. singer/songwriter/guitar aimed at crafting great songs rather than sticking to any particular genre of music...
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Peak in sub-genre #33
I've been playing this one for a while. good & loud.
Peak in sub-genre #98
Peak in sub-genre #69
people who write about this life and see nothing but their own misery will be the death of me
Peak in sub-genre #88
fooling around with an electric guitar and hollering too much
Peak in sub-genre #24
country-ish song about AM radios... kinda a departure for me.
Peak in sub-genre #24
taps his feet again, another cigarette
Peak in sub-genre #81
S.M.L. (stupid motorist law) making you pay for your own rescue from flash floods during monsoons in AZ
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