Boer Polar
Electronic Spain
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Electronic, ambient, melancholy, indietronica, pop, post-rock, avant-rock, noise, emo
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Peak in sub-genre #77
When we were not poisoned by society. Innocence killed.
Peak in sub-genre #63
Something strange. Like the searching of reasons about obsessions.Sadness about something that never was happen.
A-C = -A = +-C = +B = BC
Peak in sub-genre #62 2
Slow : Guitar Chords : Synth : Silence Song inspirated on that things or situations on life that creates us anxiety. From a positive point of view, we can take out positive things and learn of that events.
Some guitar's chords while we were building our incommunication behind those mountains.About the incommunication between people and the easiest thing is to create it.
Alternative 20 century love human-machine.
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