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My musical communication on 3 channels - God to man, man to God, and man to man. To me, music is primarily a means of communicating on one, two, or all 3 of the
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David Gray's song Please Forgive Me
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Trying to find the forest when the trees get in the way.
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Song about seeing the light in the darkness
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Song based on Isaiah 60. Darkness will cover the earth, but God's glory will be on His people.
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He is worthy
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Ephesians 5, Let us walk in love as Christ has loved us and given Himself for us! Be patient - 16 seconds before song starts.
If Simeon, Anna, the shephards, and the magi could get together and write a song shortly after the birth of Christ, based on what they knew from the Old Testament, what would it be? This is what I imagine would come forth.
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Song to Psalm 103
Song on Channels 2 and 3
Remake of Icicle Works song, changing the 3rd verse to make Evangeline be Evangelistic.
Psalm 30, oh the joy of knowing God's healing! This song is in the early stages, it is currently missing a lot - and I am taking suggestions on how to enhance this song.
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II Corinthians 4 to Song, on channels 2 and 3.
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