(The Original) High-C
HipHop Baytown, TX  USA
Thank you!
I brought nerdcore hip-hop to new heights of visibility. Fuck those dudes.
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Peak in sub-genre #1
With track by Kid Charlamaign.
Peak in sub-genre #2
A cover of my track with DJ Manticore.
Peak position #17
Funny sci-fi in the vein of Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. But very American. http://www.amazon.com/Perfect-Me-Perfection-Labs-ebook/dp/B006FXE1OC/
Perfect Me audiobook introduction by Molly Elston.
Peak in sub-genre #15
Unlike any rap you've heard before.
Peak position #18
Audiobook excerpt of Hurricane Regina, read by Ken Lee.
Peak in sub-genre #43
Peak in sub-genre #2
Peak in sub-genre #6 1
I wrote this in jail after I freaked out in Florida. I felt it was time to write something positive for a change. Sixtoo is great, and he became sort of symbolic of all the great Canadian artists out there.
Peak in sub-genre #5
Killing Bill Gates over the Kill Bill theme seemed sort of obvious for a nerdcore song. So I had to get my man Ill Gill on it, naturally.
Peak in sub-genre #3
This was written for a battle against some kid named Flame Extension, and was never used. I produced it and wrote it. It has a hell of a lot of references in it, for only two minutes. From Ween to Ted Nungent to The Butthole Surfers.
Peak in sub-genre #4
A brilliant rock version of Meter Versus Yard's track. From Rhyme Torrents Volume Nine.
Peak in sub-genre #12
As soon as I heard this instrumental, I knew I had to write something intimate. Inspired by Ice-T's "Personal".
Peak in sub-genre #6
Ranger had made a dope track, and wanted to do some horrorcore...
Peak in sub-genre #12
There are a lot of fake nerds out there. Fake, whiny nerds who just seem to complain a lot and slag everything.
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