tory z starbuck
Alternative saint louis, MO  USA
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psychedelic experimental new wave art rock
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Peak position #58
Tory- voice, saxophone,synthesizers, conga, acoustic percussion. Doc Mabuse- guitar. Perry Emge- bass, synthesizer, percussion programming.
Peak position #66
Turkish folk muzik on psychedelics. Tory- voice, saz, zurna, viola/violin, dumbeck, tambourine, electronics, treatments Venus Slick- viaggio, synthesizer, treatments Bruce McLaughlin- electronic/acoustic percussion Doc Mabuse- guitar synthesizer
Peak position #44
Art Rock with ambient hummingbird solo. Iced Violet is Randy Beeman and Tory Starbuck.
Peak position #12
Dark, dreamscape that takes place in a deserted factory with a life of its own.
Peak position #46
psychedelic latin flavour in a skinny tie sort of way.
Peak position #20
space jazz/funk.
Peak position #35
Tory- voice, guitars, synthesizers, treatments. Venus Slick- analogue synthesizers, short wave radio, treatments. Chuck Nowakowski- bass, drum machine, effects.
Peak position #34
Tory- voice, synthesizer, acoustic guitar, drums, treatments. Venus Slick- synthesizers, drum machine, treatments Chuck Nowakowski- bass aaron Evans- electronic percussion/marimba.
Peak in sub-genre #48
ambient edge. Fripp/Enoish, like listening to Evening Star during a car accident.
Peak in sub-genre #47
spaceships in Arabia.
Peak in sub-genre #24
live space funk with a Polyrock twist to it. Yeah, THAT Polyrock. the new wave band with Philip Glass in it.
Peak in sub-genre #41
an ambient Saturn desert experiment
Peak in sub-genre #88
modern desert muzikal question
Peak in sub-genre #64
perfect soundtrack for all of the darkness going on in the middle east .
Peak position #77
Roxy Music nouveau in extreme shadows.
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