The Metry Dukes
Rock metry, LA  USA
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that lil' old post-modern mutant pop-rock combo from the swampy streets of metry!
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Peak position #35
for all the beat girls in the world!
Peak position #33
a.g.'s take on the book of the same name, from the 'last session' at sea-saint studios, end of '79
Peak position #87
a kinda timeless tune about a poster child for paranoia, it happens more now these days . . . from the showboat, metry july 16, 1983
Peak position #39
written in a funk and played in celebration!
Peak in sub-genre #28
Peak position #54
one of a.g.'s sick ideas for a song... and i was foolish enuff to follow along.
Peak position #92
if it ain't one thing, it's everything! another ditty from the fabulous showboat in downtown fat city!
Peak position #48
a tune about holding your own, daggnnabbitt!
frank and a.g.'s bit of a jab at everything. we just went along...
pop-tune perfection from metry! live from the showboat circa '79
Peak in sub-genre #17
this is actually the reformed monsters, not that anyone is paying attention anyways...
Peak position #93
one of a. g. 's finest lyrical moments. a tune to behold. loving done by the band in some hell-hole, god knows when...
Peak in sub-genre #52
i was on a hobbitt thing, the band enabled me...
Peak in sub-genre #20
the drunken spaceman's sing-along . . . with 300 drunken spacemen wobblin' along, with feedback and detuned pianny in tow...
Peak in sub-genre #14
this was the first single, recorded at ultrasonic, new orleans... but it never sounded this good. feedback and all. god i miss him.
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