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fusion of electronica, live looping, sax, electric guitar, and ethnic world jazz, percussion, voices and stringed instruments
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for dionne wish you were here a full band version of a Princes of Darkness composition. check out their page on soundclick!
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In the name of God, I will praise His/Her Creation with all my heart... and feet! A bit dancier than usual.
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This was the music created for Muladhara.
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David Farewell-- trumpet; Lido G--flute; Michael Chocolak-- percussion; Antony Bichon-- acoustic bass
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Dance. Hunt. Feed. Chill. I like to think of this as an alternative soundtrack to the opening scene of 'The Hunger' with Bowie and Catherine Deneuve.
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A beautiful song to take your spirit far away.
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One of our chakra songs
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the title means "the light of god", a song which features Turkish and Northern Indian vocals as well as a compulsive dance beat. inspired by Byrne/Eno, "My Life in the Bush of Ghosts"
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oud and ney combine with tribal percussion for the sound of the spirit.
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