Mountain Mirrors
Rock Fairhaven, MA  USA
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progressive, psychedelic and thought-provoking acoustic rock/metal for fans of Opeth, Pink Floyd or Porcupine Tree...heavy acoustic guitar riffs
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Sort of a 90's Seattle grunge type song about life's way of keeping us away from the light. Like a dog who gets kicked because it's wonder why he's turning Cujo...
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dreamy acoustic progressive folk about escaping from the 'real world'
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A twisted acoustic prog rock song...sort of a Scandinavian neo-folk vibe (Opeth, Katatonia, Tenhi etc.). Maybe *the* most popular Mountain Mirrors song of all time.
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Led Zeppelin-meets-Morphine? A haunting, groove-laden rock song that will bring you back to better times...about how day-to-day life gets you in a rut and keeps you from what's important - love.
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This is also about the relativity of good and evil. Maybe some bad deeds bring good karma. And the other way around. 'headlight deer wearing hunter-skin shoes', I kinda like that lyric.
acoustic guitar melodies on a lush and demented orchestral backdrop...a perfect movie soundtrack song
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I wrote this song for my wife Jenn...and as I wrote I thought of my dog cats...just felt grateful for a's sort of a more psychedelic piano ballad...
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