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Roger Su
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Let the Intergalactic Wars Begin...
Peak in sub-genre #32 1
We were greeted by the warms rays of the sun.....
Peak in sub-genre #76
The first time I saw her was on that one fateful night at Draco Tavern. She sat alone puffing on a menthol cigarette.
Peak in sub-genre #35
Where does time end or begin? Time is a human concept.
Peak in sub-genre #20 2
the vastness of space.....unmeasureable.
Peak position #12 3
We all desire to be under the wing of a benevolent GOD
Peak in sub-genre #55
God must exist. How can the design of the Universe be a random thing? Of chance? There is a Prime Designer. But why are things the way they are now?
Peak in sub-genre #31
We traveled between galaxies.....light years apart.
No Matter Where You Are I Will Always Be Watching Over You
The new Cyborg Model. Do not try to fight it. Just run...
Peak in sub-genre #53
The City, which has grown to an immeasureable size, continues to grow; at an alarming rate.
Peak in sub-genre #72
Armed with a Graviton Beam Emitter, he keeps the peace.
Without the Net Terminal Gene, humans are forbidden to enter the realm of the Net Sphere.
When we first encountered them, only a handful of us survived to tell the tale. Most of us were missing limbs...
For her, it was quick. It took a few months for me to get over it. I wasn't able to keep my promise.
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