HipHop shirley, NY  USA
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A poetic compound of Mind Body and Spirit defined by Godly lyrics
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Was it a typical youth or a despicable truth or as it had seemed it was an irresistable route. I was raised from birth to obtain hurt living rationally in an insane curse.
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This country was founded on Christian beliefs. Where did our countries morals wander off to? Did we forget where we come from and where its supposed to get us? Listen to this track and wake up. Talkin about politics will get us nowhere if we dont let
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Track dedicated to my walk with Christ and the examples he set for me from the past to now.
An important announcement to those both young and old who feel like our televisions and radios truly show what our images should be. TO ALL THE TEENAGERS AND ADULTS: THE STRUGGLE HAS NOTHIN TO DO WITH JEWELRY AND GUNS!!! THE STRUGGLE IS SAYIN THAT U
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