Rock Baytown, TX  USA
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Just moved to KC from Texas and gotta get playing!
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Peak position #38 1
Using a Keeley DD-3 Mod with a Flanger in the loop
Peak position #7 2
Clean Tele with Keeley Phaser and Timebender Delay, I'm just using Tap Tempo to get the effects nothing else added - Direct Line to Recorder
Peak position #8 2
The Keeley Six-Stage Phaser with a Satchurator after the Phaser and then some Clean Les Paul guitar, I Ramp back and for during the clip.
Peak position #20 1
I crank the Edge control with my Acoustic and the Keeley Phaser and Tap out some fast and super slow stuff
Peak position #87 1
I play with the Tap tempo on my acoustic, just some delay added and the Keeley Phaser I have the Edge set low as it will go and I slow down or spped up using the Tap feature
Peak in sub-genre #25 2 1
The Keeley Six-Stage Phaser with Pre-Distortion via Swollen Pickle and Octron 2, then some clean guitar with me engaging the Ramp at will ;-)
Peak position #26 1
More Satchurator clips along with my Keeley DD-3, Keeley Mellow Wah, and my trusty ol' Les Paul
Peak position #15 3 1
My Les Paul and Satchurator getting busy!
Peak position #17 2
Using my Strat and the New Keeley Tiffany Neck and Bridge pickup's. I start on the Tiffany neck pickup and switch to the Tiffany bridge at 2:40 and I also used a Keeley 4 Knob Comp, BoR boost side only, and a Verbzilla.
Peak in sub-genre #7
Peak in sub-genre #37 1
A clean guitar into a Keeley DD-3 with a Phaser and FuzzHead in the DD-3 loop this time!
Peak in sub-genre #37 1
A little Keeley Compressor, Keeley BD-2~Clean
Peak in sub-genre #56
Soaking Up the Beach and Everything Else in California ~ Acoustic Guitar with some Les Paul
Peak in sub-genre #63
Waking Up in Southern California
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