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Country/rock/folk with a pinch of blue's and a touch of traditional....occasionally songs have an extra pinch of paprica for flavor :-P
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This song is about a friends wife who has been living with a brain tumor for the last 5years, its a story about pain, suffering and love
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Original Dance trance by Loraine Gordon and Ray Patrick
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Original song
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oh oh I fell in love, argggggg ahhhhhh
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Original Song. Want to run away, fly on these wings of mine?...... ray Steel and Loraine Gordon
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I was messing around with my keyboard this morning, in a sleepy waking up kinda mood, and hit the record button, and just made up a melody that I thought I would share, I called it falling leaves : )
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A descriptive song with dates, names of events and a little hisory...the Trail of Tears...I hope I did the Cherokee language justice at the end, thanks for listening
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Rockabilly produced at home, just Loraine playing with a loop machine, a tamboreen a keyboard and a couple of guitars :-P
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Hold on....just hold on
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This song is about the side of you that people dont want to look at, if you are fat, thin, tall , short...ect ect...its a message to all the bullies out there to say 'WAKE UP' look at me as I am !!!!
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This recording is just Loraine singing, and playing guitarand keys, unique play on harmony and probably different from anything you have heard
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Original Song Nothing cries like Daddy's Fiddle...just wait till ya'll hear it...Written and produced by Dan and Ruby Gold.
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