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Cruelplanet is a one man project; just me experimenting with different styles of (mostly) electronic music. I tend to lean more towards breakbeat and drum
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Peak in sub-genre #33
new track. haven't had much time to make music lately but here's something at least. it's kind of ambient electronic with some breakbeats.
Peak in sub-genre #10
pretty long session. i was inspired by the veldt (deadmau5) and the vista remix by jacksonandhiscomputerband. finally got tired of working on it.. so here it is!
Peak position #60
electro mix to kind of show off some of the awesome sounds my new virus ti can make :)
Peak in sub-genre #6
different style dubstep-ish mix
Peak position #93
just messing around with a dubstep style mix
Peak in sub-genre #4
kind of a simple song i put together in garage band on my ipad.. just as an experiment
Peak in sub-genre #20
ambient chillout track. messing with a glitch beat maker I just got (break tweaker)
Peak position #92 1
messing around with sidechains and pads again.. did some different mastering on this one as an experiment. I usually use izotope ozone but i'm trying out T Racks this time around
Peak position #60 2
Kind of a sequel to my track "Two" (hence the name). Been playing with the string sounds in kontact and i'm really liking them.
Peak in sub-genre #29
chillout ambient
Peak in sub-genre #4
glitchy and smashed breakbeat-ambient-type-thing
Peak in sub-genre #17
kind of a simple hip hop type instrumental.. I might add to this but I wanted to go ahead and put up this version just because.
Peak in sub-genre #6 1
kinda different
Peak in sub-genre #9 1
Kind of an ambient house mix.. i tried to make the bass hit hard and I think i succeeded. :) I hate having to choose genres for my stuff but i eventually chose to put it in the house section. but it could have gone in ambient too i think.
Peak in sub-genre #15 1
this track is more of a straight-dance/house-ish type of track, but with my typical ambient stuff thrown in as well.
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