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Orchestral Crunk beat
This is my first attempt at mixing the Hip Hop and Trance genres to create something new. Hope you enjoy it!
Peak in sub-genre #35
Original vintage-sounding beat
Peak position #91
Radio edit of We Took The Long Way (chisel316 mix).
Peak position #54 1
Vocal trance with original lyrics and vocals by my sister - Jenn Haase.
Peak position #77
Trance song based around guitar riff by SurfaceX. Song title and guitar by SurfaceX.
Album: Electribe Trance Peak in sub-genre #23
I decided to spend a few more days polishing up this piece. All parts were tracked out separately for EQ, compression, reverb, and panning. Enjoy this 3rd revision!
Album: Electribe Trance Peak in sub-genre #27
This is the second version of EMXTrance1. This time around I added the MPC, Virus, and X-Station to the mix. Enjoy!
Peak in sub-genre #91
This is my first song composed entirely on my new Korg Electribe MX.
Album: Contest Beats
All hardware synths
Album: Contest Beats
Beat Battle vs Symetry on HHIS
Album: More Beats
Chisel vs Catalyst Beat Battle
Definitely my most ambitious effort to date.
Album: More Beats
Second beat of 2006. All instruments except for drums are from my XV-5080.
Album: More Beats
New beat for 2006.
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