Metal new bremen, USA
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Raw, cheesy, chaotic, sanity-impaired grind / death / gore / black metal / experimental / etc. Should appeal to those who enjoy anything from Satyricon, Carcass
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No cats were killed or eaten during the recording of this song.
The deathier side of Gross comes out in this raw and sloppy recording.
This song reminds me of the time I fell off the rafters and split a gash in the side of my head. I went to a party covered in blood, and later I went to the hospital.
Peak in sub-genre #89
Here is a track from the unreleased, pro-recorded album. Found on "Goreland" comp. CD from
Peak in sub-genre #32
Here is a sloppy 4track number. Done tongue in cheek as always, don't expect to hear anything you like.
Peak in sub-genre #74
From the same recording session. Maybe I'll post the songs from the pro-recording soon!
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