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This is the vocal version of Lunch At The Salton Sea. Read the lyrics, get the full story.
Peak in sub-genre #42
Only you... you and the night.
Peak in sub-genre #44
This song is about choices, letting go of people you care about, and facing the heartbreak of it all.
Peak in sub-genre #34
A memory from my 10th birthday, so many years ago...
For me, this song creates mental images of floating over the ocean - very surreal and stirring emotions.
Peak in sub-genre #26
Puts you in a state of tranquility - mellow as mellow can be. This song is about being satisfied with your surroundings and life and situations - which I rarely am, but when I am, I smile.
Peak in sub-genre #57
A compilation of a number of the pieces created for the independent film "Will".
Peak in sub-genre #52
Just a blur...
Peak in sub-genre #30
The framework for my tribute to Kevin Gilbert.
Peak in sub-genre #100
Have you ever been in an airplane cockpit? Do you like Gladiator movies? Do you like odd time signatures and progressive rock mayhem? Here ya go...
Peak in sub-genre #24
Begins with an 80's videogame feel (this intro is from the "Analog Steel" song), and then changes into a hard and powerful in-your-face metal groove with a sharp progressive edge.
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Peak in sub-genre #90
Thematic film soundtrack written a few days after 9/11. Very moving piano line and majestic crescendos - haunting melody that stays with you.
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