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BAB KUBWA MEDIA na Funkdisaster
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Peak in sub-genre #16
Degmentith from Senegal, recorded by nomadicwax and remixed by babkubwa
Peak in sub-genre #21
a remix of Tina's 'mapito' - remixed by the funkdisaster to include skissy peforming 'Nipo Long time' - Featuring Owen Saunders on the Guitars. Tina, Skissy - please get in touch,
Peak position #97
First of Three by upcoming Bongo Rapper Skissy -
Peak position #54
Kabo P - please get in touch!
odd ball beat with the KGM crew schooling it swahili style.
Peak in sub-genre #73
recorded in Music Crossroads, dar es salaam with the KGM crew - check the link:
Peak position #27
a remix of 'Not Ready' from the Xplastaz album - Massai HipHop - Nelson aka Faza Nelly - Rest in Peace
Peak position #33
this track was recorded as a prize for miss Arie - winner of the dar es salaam hiphop heat for music Crossroads - featuring simba, who went on to go all the way and win the final! hongera!
Peak position #87
Gonna get me some honey mixed with Toplanes vocals from Tatukishanda. Also featuring stoopid ill of the sk crew
Peak in sub-genre #6
first results of a recent recording sesh with Solo Thang in london.
Peak in sub-genre #13
LC, Bennamo & Mr SOO from GM records tear it up over a heavy funkdisaster mix
Peak in sub-genre #18
Peak in sub-genre #14
the winning entry for the Sugu remix competition on
Peak in sub-genre #15
laid back tune from Yega in Tanzania - ( remix of Mantree and funkdisasters old tune - "andy" )
Peak in sub-genre #3
hyped up bongo flava rapping from Structure P on some disaster style jungle beats
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