The Wimshurst's Machine
Electronic Torino, Italy
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An italian 8 members chillout orchestra who plays a mix of electronic and acoustic chillout music with ambient, jazz and new age influences.
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12 songs($7.00)
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#94 (Sub-genre) 5
From "Tokyo Rain" (2011) this is a collab track with the great italian piano artist Corrado Rossi.
Album: The Alchemist Peak position #18 5
This is the 'radio edit' version of our opening track 'Wind Sailer' from our 2nd album, 'The Alchemist'. Ambient guitar, acoustic drums, ethnic sounds and electronica!
Album: The Alchemist Peak position #4 6 2
A classy ambient chillout melody, with a warm, edgy tenor saxophone, creates a 'sexy lounge' atmosphere, perfectly accompained from a gentle Bb trumpet.
Album: A traveller who didn't ask for glory Peak position #1 8
A relaxed chillout instrumental inspired by the magic night lights of our homecity, Torino (Winter Olympic Games 2006 city), was for 3 months, #1 in the Trip-Hop chart & #1 Electronica!
Peak position #48 4
An ambient/nu jazz chillout track where the acoustic sounds melts with the jazzy flute and the ambient atmospheres.
Peak in sub-genre #31 2
A dark ambient track we are particularly proud of, and a collab with two talented artists: Corrado Rossi (at the piano) and Queenie (every vocals and lyrics).
Album: A traveller who didn't ask for glory Peak position #3 6
Catchy, magical chillout/ambient sounds, acoustic drums, warm saxophone and amazing female vocalist, for a song you'd not forget easily. For more than two months #1 in Ambient!
Album: The Alchemist Peak position #1 3
A traditional Celtic song rearranged to become a haunting, delicate, melancholic song, with a tip of Enya's style. An excellent Jered McKenna at the piano. Reached #1 World and #1 Traditional Celtic charts (1 week).
Peak in sub-genre #22
An ambitious very long 'progressive' track, with a long 'new ageish' intro played by piano and wooden flute, dedicated to the history of the misterious Anasazi.
Peak position #89 1
Originally a traditional celtic track, here rearranged to become an ambient/trip hop celtic one.
Album: The Alchemist Peak position #2 1
A mix of ambient jazz and new age jazz, for a song that's the 1st part of the soundtrack of the story that's in our new CD. #2 Acoustic, #1 Acoustic Piano.
Peak in sub-genre #10
Written by KMP & Lisa, this track sees our Roberto at the soprano saxophone. We're proud of this collab with so talented people: please visit them at:
Album: A traveller who didn't ask for glory Peak position #1 4
This song perfectly represents our music. With an Ambient/New Age/Jazzy sound, was 7 days #1 in World Music, 11 days #1 in New Age and even #1 in Acid Jazz!
Peak in sub-genre #51 3
We want to dedicate this electronic song to the memory of the just disappeared Mr. Bob Moog: we will remember you forever.
Peak position #94 1
Destinated to our 'Time Traveller', is a classical composition, a soundtrack-intended instrumental track vaguely in the style of Danny Elfman.
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