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Blues Sioux City, IA  USA
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slacker g
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Fingerpickin guitar The real thing folks.. instrumentals, Country, Southern Rock, Blues, ..... whatever.
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There is some hooky rockabilly guitar on this, but when the guitar ride comes in it gets into no mans land. The ride was composed of my practice guitar licks that I wanted to make into an instrumental. After I worked it out I had an after thought of
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Country Blues in overdrive. CAUTION: The instrumental guitar rides on this song were performed by professional stunt fingers. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME :)
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instrumental Ever wonder what goes through a finger pickers mind when he listens to a rock anthem? This is my version, a "live" unedited cassette tape recording, sounding quite different. But #1 in Subs? That's just ridiculous. I smell payola here.
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Instrumental This is more or less a rather impressionist version of an old tune. Because of my style most folks would have to stretch their imagination a bit to hear the original in my "Music Box - Blues" style of pickin it.
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instrumental with walking bass line. A Glen Miller tune now in Public Domain. This is a finger pickin version. See lyrics for explanation / excuses Remastered Mar 05
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Google ... Slacker G Guitar Videos .. You will find two. The links are in lyrics
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This is blues, performed in a somewhat country fashion. But more than that, it is about the interplay between the guitars. The instrumentation always comes first with me. The story lies between the lyrics.
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A lot of fun 'getting down wif my bad self'. Amazing how powerfull just two thumpy guitars and a drum track can sound. But then that always amazed me.
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No one had heard me sing before. I never sang even when I was alone. But when I wrote this, I didn't have anyone to sing it. So I did. For me, music will always be about the instrumentals. CAUTION : These vocals may be harmful to your ears.
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instrumental Chet Atkins made this one stand out for me. I do it rather differently,{not as good}:), so I hope there is no problm here. Read Story behind song.
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An instrumental interpretation of Bucks song "Loves gunna Live here Again." I went to Buck's site and asked permission to post this, but it sounds so far from the original it wouldn't matter. They said OK. I asked them if they would like a copy fo
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instrumental An old instrumental ride that got out of control. My Telecaster was behaving very bad the day I recorded this. Can you recognize this song? The answer is in "Lyrics" below this.
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Instrumental of a song that I couldn't get any singer to sing at a jam session. So I worked it out without vocals. Naturally it is unrecognizable as usual. I do take a lot of liberties when I work out a song.
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