The Red Pill
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We cannot commit ourselves to non-violence... We taking over this game, musically, and lyrically!!! TRP Wat!!! The artists are Untitled, MajesticMindz, and VicSage on the hooks. The beat and production by Solrev.
We are ahead of our time cuz we go back in time. TRP!!! Produced by Solrev
Another TRP banger!!! Produced by SolRev
Pure description of a perfect shorty. aint no doing this thats all u need to know. U cant deny us. TRP... we the Realest Biatch........
A reggea/hip hop song for the clubs ... produced by Solrev for FTS wrekords
The Hottest Group to come out of da Heightz!! TRP bringin' it strong back to back!!!! Untitled, MajesticMindz, and Forensix ... Beat/Produced by Solrev
A song of 'The Awakening' album. It sends out a positive message to always keep your head high and remain strong at all times no matter how worse the circumstances may seem for you at the time.
Peak in sub-genre #57
La Negra is about slavery, and a dedication to Celia Cruz. The track is featured on the album, The Awakening.
One of the finest songs, emotionally, made by TRP. Lady is an inspirational song from issues associated to relationships. Ladies here this track, you will love it.
A track of the album, The Awakening, featuring SolRev on the guitar and produced by SolRev as well.
Beat by SolRev from FTS Wrekordz TBA = To Be Announce
Beat by SolRev from FTS Wrekordz.
The result of TRP listening to a hot beat during a meeting with all of us present. It includes everyone from TRP crew(Forensix, Prophecy, MajesticMindz, Untitled, and VicSage). Produced by SolRev.
This track is the Red Pill Anthem, sang by MajesticMindz/Untitled.
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