Snowball Johnny
Blues Rotterdam, Netherlands
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snowball johnny
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#99 (Sub-genre) 1
Pre-meditated love song I work on today..
#25 (Sub-genre)
I got a Supermarket crash on this chick, so I recorded this song.. Next time I see her I give it to her, Bigtime :)
Peak in sub-genre #2
Spring fever in Autumn with yo old girl!
#50 (Sub-genre)
Mp3PRO files on Soundclick : Snowball Johnny remasters all his old work to mp3PRO files, this is an alltime classic from 1991 "Turtle Soul"about the strange maybe forbidden love between an austrich and a turtle, very cute!
Peak position #28
Song I record every week, till the best one hits! About why I feel and sing the Bluez
Peak in sub-genre #21
Country Blues song about good love gone wrong, cause of betrayal, and pain remains.. Talking to the god osf blues(propably the devil himself)
Peak position #93
Seemingly destructive song about the uselessness of love in one's life!
Peak in sub-genre #9
First Raw mix for Festival of Love.. Re-recorded Poison Heart Blues as a Country blues song.. This is the way my album is gone sound Raw but cool.. I think.. Ok the vocals are not ready but therest is as well as!
Peak position #37
Love will once rule again.. before that time arrives, many will suffer and die!
Peak position #53
1999 recording done with to reel to reel sony tapecorders, first version of the song - Snowball Johnny at all instruments, for the first time ever! Resapled and compressed july 25th 2012
Peak in sub-genre #13
cool rock and roll song pumpin'basslines and straight mix
Peak in sub-genre #4
This is a fresh spring blues, under development, version can differ from day to day... april 2007
Peak position #55
Pumping rocksong about the impossible relationship between the sexes...
Peak in sub-genre #26
The kind of love that kills you when around but tortures you when she's gone...
Peak in sub-genre #6
bob's song revisited, all time classic this!
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