Pop Bangalow, Australia
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Com.passion produces melodic new age pop with an electronic edge and whimsical instrumentals with edgy undercurrents.
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Beautiful, lyrical ballad about the death of the lovers Admira and Bosko during the war in Sarajevo. Guitar, piano, strings, cello, female vocal.
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Big pop production with powerful female vocal
Boppy, funky instrumental utilising guitar and sax sounds to evoke an urban soundscape.
Peak in sub-genre #36 1
Bright and boppy electro-pop, female vocal
Peak in sub-genre #35 2 1
Soulful and beautiful female vocal sounds like Bjork went trip hop .
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Smooth, jazzy world sound with african drums, flutes and tibetan chants with female vocalising.
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Electro-pop, ambient textures, strong female vocals with a message of trust& surrender.
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Ambient, jazzy and bluesy - jungle sounds and smooth mooody vocals.
Peak in sub-genre #19 1 1
A lushly melodic arrangement which combines gorgeous female vocals with tibetan chants and ambient world samples.
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Fast paced electro-pop with a serious message and great vocal delivery.
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Trippy intrumental with smooth bass lines.
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