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firecloud productions
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Nature sounds, and effects with guitars and synthesis.
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Part of the "Valley Of Decision - Suite". A clearer definition among us all will be more pronounced.
Another piece from the "Valley Of Decision - Suite".
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a reference to the angelic forces coming into our sphere shortly.
Descrptive of the polar "switch" that will take place.
About the effects of heavenly bodies on the earth and it's people.
I am portraying the crying forth of nature, and the destructive forces already endangering the planet.
Middle piece in the 'Origin Of Illumination' suite.
The coming of the Spirit
Peak in sub-genre #62
Memory of a special place.
Another reference to "passageways" to the other side.
Peak in sub-genre #81
Inspired by the reference in Psalms 24:7-9
A Call to heed the "wise ones" of old.
Another warning to us all about our responsibility to the planet.
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