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I write and record relevant, inspirational songs to help myself and others connect to what's important in life, and to love, heal, overcome and have faith.
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#40 (Sub-genre)
That Might Be You is a mellow song with a nice groove to it and some pretty harmonic guitar lines. The lyric tells the story about a guy who resorts to begging to make ends meet, and how that could be us someday.
#84 (Sub-genre)
A pretty, light rock song about speaking what's in our heart. Features light drums, acoustic guitar, strings, percussion, and Amara Thomas on BG vocals.
Peak in sub-genre #34
You are a Friend has melodic fingerpicking and accent strings accompanying strong melodic lyrics about the beauty of friendship.
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Peak position #95
Good Times is a soft and gentle song with touches of blues and jazz. It talks about how good times seem to come and go, but the key to feeling good all the time comes from forgiveness.
#63 (Sub-genre)
Words we've all said before, "I shoulda...I wish I woulda...I wish I coulda..." The song tells a story of how everything that happens is for a reason in shaping our ultimate destiny...and more.
Peak in sub-genre #37 1
Acoustic guitar ballad about doing good deeds. Based on a true story.
Peak in sub-genre #15
Peak in sub-genre #27
When will the day come for you to shine? To feel some warmth in the wintertime. When will you be able to smile at the world? And let your happiness be unfurled.
Peak in sub-genre #34
A soft rock ballad about a murder/rape that took place on the University of Buffalo campus around 1990 while I was attending school there.
Peak in sub-genre #35 2 2
Peak position #53
A song about a 4 year old girl I met at Mystic Hot Springs in Utah who's family were on a road trip seeking natural healing for her brain tumor.
Peak position #63
Peak position #19
This song is very bluesy, a little grungy, and pretty soulful.
Peak position #2 1 1
A great rocker song to listen to while hiking or mountain biking in Utah or anywhere! Beautiful lyrics describing some of the landscape of the state home to 3 major national Parks and numerous other incredible sights.
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