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Life's Heart Beat Music is like nothing else, music coming soon. Best of the best. Music is art imitating life, so its what you'll get, Life's Music.
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Aka Ready to Die. Un finished engineers cut for your preveiw enjoyment. Download it!!!
Peak in sub-genre #20
Life's Heart Beat Records pre listen Hard Head Hustlas coming soon, un mastered unfinished version. Prahphet, Luck, Lace dosha, Cool,Don Marcus (105.9FM radio 'exposed') Download it!!!
Peak in sub-genre #39
Solo freestyle killer song about conflict I guess, real hiphop music for sure though comin from prahphet always.
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Prahphet: 'If I was born free in a free world... why is it controlled, why is it a government on the globe.' Download it!!! Prahphet song Recorded May 2003
Peak in sub-genre #94
If I had One wish...... The thought process envolved in determining the use of this once in a life time opportunity. Here it is from my perspective. Prahphets song Recorded May 2003
Lyrical, hot, blazin, bangin beat, its another one. Luck, Don Marcus, Prahphet, Andria and Kiesha on the hook. The track performed before the show stopper called 'Greedy'.
Peak in sub-genre #35
!!!!!!!!!!!! The Banger !!!!!!!!!! Nice lyrics, Nice beat, Download it!!!!
Peak in sub-genre #80
Conception, Remedy for deception, I need the planet ta, lighten the........ A must listen Kinda New Ish from Prahphet, held back for a minute, banging smooth ish, flippin it. Still New to you. Recorded April 2003 Download it!!!!
Peak in sub-genre #67
Just a sample track, real cool listen, great music. Recorded January 2003
Prahphets old song: How do you determine what is real? Recorded March 2002
Another diss track in the battle, recorded December 2002
Peak in sub-genre #66
A diss track on the same cat. Teaching you hot to cook beef prior to father knows best, another good diss track. Recorded May 2003
Peak in sub-genre #32
Prahphets crazy quick spit Bringing back some old school HipHop by request. Recorded January 2003
Peak in sub-genre #90
The Mind is a terrible thing to waste. Recorded May 2002
A track dissin someon I know, the comback and ultimately the end of the battle. Recorded December 2002
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