Andre Vezina
Electronic Canada
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Instrumental electro-prog.------ Textural------Time------Emotional------Space------Voyage--- ---Imagination------Explore------Eternity.
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Sequences, synth lead melody and energic beat.
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This is a typical Trance song with beat, a strong lead melody and punch.
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Guitar synth Godin, Freeway SA with Roland Mks 30, interface Roland GI20. Roland JX 8P, sequences, Roland MKS 50 with Alpha Juno. Soft, Waldorf PPG, Korg Wavestation.
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Sometimes, muting tracks give a better effect than add tracks.
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Orchestral evocation of how we have to fight in our life. There's military march, large orchestral pads and many changing tempos.
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Jx8P,Dave Smith Mopho,Alpha Juno,Mks-30, Yamaha TG 77,Korg M3R. Drum, Alesis Sr18, soft: PPG, Wavestation, M-tron
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Sequences: Roland Mks-30-50, Alpha Juno,Dave Smith MoPho. Pads: Roland JX8P. Drum: Alesis Sr18. Guitar: Godin freeway SA. Soft: M-Tron, Wavestation, PPG.
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This is a demonstration piece of the Roland Alpha-Juno 1 and the Roland MKS-50. Every sounds come from these machines. Only effects used: Delay,auto-pan and reverb. A sampler(Yamaha A3000) was use without transforming the original sounds.
Peak in sub-genre #70
Synth drum and guitar.
Peak in sub-genre #36 1
Chords of pads without melody, suggesting exaltation and wonder of life .
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