Indians In Moscow
Electronic London, United Kingdom
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INDIANS IN MOSCOW - Techno and House for the thinking generation!
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The track that started it all for Indians In Moscow in 1982, featuring Adele Nozedar on vocals
Peak position #87
7" mix of this controversial 1984 single, banned by Radio One until we changed the lyric.
Peak position #77
The title track from the acclaimed 1983 "Big Wheel" e.p., released shortly before the band's debut album.
Peak in sub-genre #21
Dark and menacing, "Darkest Moment" takes you from the point of Creation into "Well Connected" - an allegory of the connectedness of Life and Death
Hell's Harvest - A dark track warning us of the consequences of human turmoil and greed
Peak in sub-genre #20
A mellower mix of the 1993 single release with Chris Guard on vocals, also released on the "Unbelievable" compilation album.
Peak in sub-genre #45
Industrious directly attacks the naked avarice of capitalism and the pain caused by immoral greed... "Industrious, you're so industrious.You build your gravestone high,and f*** the rest of us".
Peak in sub-genre #22
Are you sick of being lied to by the Media? Tired of all the deception? Sick of the dishonesty?
Peak in sub-genre #93
The chaos is come to set you free The chaos is come to rescue me This so called love is hard to bear The reckless truth is everywhere The chaos is come
Peak in sub-genre #95
"I am an endangered species in the jungle that you call your soul"... Jungle smothers and comforts you, whilst asking child-like questions about emotional vulnerability and need.
Peak in sub-genre #89
A smouldering track dripping with sexual tension, "I Smell Of You" oozes with the heady promise of utter passion and devotion.
Peak in sub-genre #19
A slow step-beat cycles around a cool, mesmeric electric piano lick as a thunder storm breaks the oppresive Summer heat...
Peak in sub-genre #22
An antidote to all those wasted nights on artificial accelerants!
Peak in sub-genre #56
What is Happiness? Happiness is!
Peak in sub-genre #79
Extreme paranoia pervades this unsettling, nightmareish track, which is strewn with accounts of the darker side of halucinogens.
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