Al Point Ru
Rock St.Petersburg, Russia
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AlRu, P4 & Casio-keyboard
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Iosif Brodsky's poem 'Christmas star' in processing AlRu Mery Christmas, the Western World! In East World it still has not come…
duet with Bob Dylan... thanks Bob for all that you have made and make for me...
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Peak in sub-genre #88
duet with Bob Dylan
In a youth one Hindu has predictedf to my wife Natalia Shilok, that she will die in 50... She has died 2/7/2005, not having lived three months before the fiftieth anniversary... This song is written 4/23/2005. Shilka's ashes knocks on my heart...
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Peak in sub-genre #66
Is devoted to everyone, who was born in Leningrad, alive and the dead…
In remembrance of shrill Russian poet Osip Mandelshtam (1891-1938)
Peak in sub-genre #70
The generals war as if in a cards play, only stakes in this game - life of the soldiers
Peak in sub-genre #67
Thank You, Bob Dylan for "knockin' on heaven's door". You are well-liked in Russia...
Peak in sub-genre #98
Old song with new sound
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