The Jumblies
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Formed in Boston, stealing and twisting The Smiths, The Cure, My Bloody Valentine, Mazzy Star, Lou Reed, 60's pop, dub reggae, experimental noise, traditional s
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It's like I'm waiting In some forgotten place Watching the morningrise Illuminate your face
Peak position #57
Never gonna show my hand You're never gonna understand We're shy That's why we hide behind Our guitars in a RockNRoll band
Peak in sub-genre #17
You give me courage You give me pride But I'm so weak Oh, you make me feel sick inside
Peak position #99
So I'm holding my breath till I turn blue Holding my breath 'cause I'm sitting next to you and I can say That this is what I've waited for... The sound of love in anticipation- Check out the Whhhooooooosh guitar!
Peak in sub-genre #33
Something you can't deny Something you just can't hide Something that makes you shy Something you feel inside
Peak position #42
Take my hand, show me inside. Show me all the things that you hide...
and I hope that you remember what we had as something good and that fever and panic will drive you right back to my arms
And so I've locked away my heart And no one will ever find the key
Florence forever... I can't believe my mind The light that strikes me blind She shines on through the night How was the show, I was there I sat alone I need another drink I think I'm feeling sick
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