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Hi! We are Yio (Sergio Schnitzler) and Leah (Maria Lea Rossetti). We are musicians, and a sound and image designers/editors. We also sell Royalty Free licenses
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#59 (Sub-genre)
Vocal trance track with male vocals and electronic choir. Lyrics talk about the sense of absence of God and the need of signs to confirm his existence, the despair in a confusing world, the need to find the right path. https://youtu.be/ZNf6wsrIDGc
Peak in sub-genre #5
Original Soundtrack and Guitars by Yio (Sergio Schnitzler) Vocals by Lea Rossetti (Maria Lea Rossetti aka Leah) Backing vocals by African Warrior
Peak in sub-genre #12
Mystical techno vocal trance song with female vocals with a sensual vibe and english lyrics about karma, dharma and tantra. Its also a fast love song. Soundtrack performed on synthesizers.
Peak in sub-genre #10
Leah's version of Yio's song "Intrigue" (Lea Rossetti, Sergio Schnitzler)
Peak in sub-genre #15
Frantic instrumental trance song with some breakbeat style. Tempo of 130 BPM Key of Dm
Peak in sub-genre #15
Frantic industrial instrumental electronic song.
Peak in sub-genre #6
Instrumental electronic trip hop song performed on synths on a mood that varies from dark to confident. Tempo of 120 BPM Key of Dm
Peak in sub-genre #10
This is a powerful exciting vocal trance/dance song performed on synthesizers. Lyrics talk about love dependence, emotional ties and bonds. It's also a love song with a little retro / old school or old skool style. All by Sergio Schnitzler (Yio)
Peak in sub-genre #2
The song tells us about a gullible girl with provincial ways and a troubled mind. She is hungry for love but its being adviced to be patient. Composed by Maria Lea Rossetti aka Leah Arranged by Sergio Schnitzler aka Yio Vocals: Maria Lea Rossetti
Peak position #80
Techno reggae style with english male vocals about feeling a foreigner or even an alien in the sense of extraterrestrial.
Peak in sub-genre #12
Intriguing, encouraging, pensive song with english lyrics, male vocals, performed on steel guitar making arpeggios, groovy drums, subtle synth strings and a sub bass fretless style complex line. Tempo of 74 bpm. Key of B minor
#48 (Sub-genre)
Song, spanish lyrics and vocals by Leah (Maria Lea Rossetti or just Lea Rossetti) Soundtrack and guitar by Yio (Sergio Schnitzler)
Peak in sub-genre #8
Vocals by Sergio Schnitzler aka Yio Downtempo nostalgic song with spanish male vocals about secrets, conspiracy and alertness. Some quiet and pensive parts and others more dramatic and regal, performed on synth piano and digital synthesizers.
Peak in sub-genre #12
A melancholy, instrumental song, performed with synthesizers and electroacoustic guitar plucking. A very sensitive mood, increasing textures Tempo 80 bpm
Peak in sub-genre #7
A song with a changing mood between nostalgic and confident, performed on a steel guitar, overdriven guitar and synth strings.
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