Sara Marlowe
Acoustic Toronto, Canada
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Sara's new CD, "true stories," is a blend of folk, rock, roots, jazz and social justice. Powerful vocals combine with lush instrumentation - cello, flute, mando
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ambient textures of flute and mandolin accompany laid back vocals
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Incisive lyrics and compelling rhythms drive you to your feet
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a straight-up, grab you in the gut, acoustic number
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a toe-tapping, country-style love song about the finer things in life
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a song written at the beginning of the most recent invasion of Gaza when peace seemed more remote than ever.
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intimate vocals, guitars and cello lament lifes painful ironies
Peak in sub-genre #49
haunting violin and earthy percussion blend with dynamic vocals
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A song for Cindy Sheehan
Peak in sub-genre #45
This song was written to support the US War Resisters currently seeking refuge in Canada. It is a fundraiser to support the War Resisters campaign( and can be purchased at
Peak in sub-genre #40
About the backwards media portrayal of resistance struggles around the world - Palestinian Intifada and the Iraqi resistance to the ongoing occupation (ordinary people being portrayed as terrorists, when they are only resisting illegal occupation).
Peak in sub-genre #41
About the illegal War on Iraq, the continuing Occupation of Iraq and 'War Criminal' George Bush's arrogant declaration of victory last May.
Peak in sub-genre #27
Kind of self explanatory, this song was inspired by the massive anti-war protests and world-wide opposition to the war on Iraq, with the major theme of "Not in our Name". It exposes the real "Axis of evil - Tony Blair and George Bush.
Peak in sub-genre #28
Taken from the popular chant, this song was inspired by the struggles in Argentina, Africa, Bolivia against corporate globalization, the FTAA and capitalism in general.
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