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The radical teachings of Jesus preached through lyrics. We try not to compromise on the really hardcore things Jesus said. We are against greed and religious
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The story of three women who face several tests of characters.
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a hard hitting rap warning people about the coming Mark of the Beast/
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reggae type song promoting a world of love and compassion
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A punchy rap song calling people back to the teachings of Jesus
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A mellow track calling people to do more than just the bare minimum.
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Mellow rap song considering some of the problems in the world, and inspiring us to help heal the wounds of greed and apathy through love and truth.
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Mellow pop/rock song about the emptiness that comes from living a lie and not following what we truly believe inside.
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We need the courage to stand up to the hypocrisy and greed in our churches. Let us get up, follow Jesus wherever he guides us, and leave those who who are willing to settle for less to stumble in the darknes they have chosen for themselves.
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NEW TRACK! Joe and Fran give an answer to people who like to demonize us and label us a cult.
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NEW TRACK !!! Are you following God or a religion? Don't be deceived!!
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Very positive, uplifting and powerful lyrics, guaranteed to get you thinking about life, the universe, and everything!
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