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ted lehman
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Ted Lehman is a classic singer/songwriter, his songs have been covered by over 2 dozen independent artists. His recordings include Classic Rock and it's variat
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This is a song about the current state of out country. It's about all the things we enjoy and love that makes this country great and at the same time it's about the things that keep us from making progress, and growth as a nation.
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This song lyrically is about being the subject of trash talking, and negative verbal abuse from the world. As usual with most of my music the end is an uplifting message of you can do what you like to me but it won't stop me from moving on. There is
This is a song about someone having to leave their lover. I think the hook is really strong. It has a great melody and the lyric is one everyone can relate to.
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Have you ever had a "Bad Day" you know, the kind of day where nothing goes right? Well this song is about one of those kind of days. It has a bit of a Latin flavor/beat to it. The lyric is written in a very conversational style so much so you ca
This song is about driving in your car in the left lane when someone in front of you is cruising, in that same lane at or below the speed limit and has no intentions of getting out of the way, so you have to pass them on the right. They slow up traff
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For my wife on our 16th wedding Anniversary...
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Karma goes both ways... Here' a little Karma for you boy...
We all have a bit of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in us. Sometimes it's not completely a bad thing. In fact sometimes it's a good thing. How is your OCD?
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Here's my latest song "I Don't Care". I recorded the basic tracks live for the video, acoustic guitar and lead vocal. Then I added background vocals, bass and a second guitar. All recorded dry with no effects. As if I/we (all the me's) were all playi
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I think that my favorite genre to actually play is the Blues. I guess you could say I am a Blues man in my heart. I have been writing in many genres my whole life, just trying to create great songs, but lately I have felt that it was time to get back
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Have you ever had the feeling that people were talking bad about you behind your back? Paranoid? Maybe... than again maybe not!
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This is one of 6 recordings I made in 1980 or thereabout. This was an analog stereo recording that unfortunately had degraded quite a bit over 30 years. These recordings represent my first experience with a drum machine, compressors, and synthesizers
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