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(2004) DJ Johnny has been in the music industry for many years now, as a DJ, radio announcer and musician. Now, together with his label DJ Johnny Music, and his
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I like to think of think of this song as the musical story of my life. From the very first soft gentle sounds as a child, to the fast pace of adult working life, it is "Not As It Seems"
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Bouncy dance track with a slight house feel. Flowing beat with soft piano and melodic vocals, combined with some MCing
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Strange sounds, hard beats, twisted vocals - just wiered stuff!
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A little fun with an old track, E-Jay, and a few scratches.
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A song based around my fiancee's pregnancy.
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An experimental track to add to my diverse music styles. Made using ejay's 360degree Extreme, this track contains samples from Techno side of the program. It is 140bpm of synth sound combinded with hard beats.
160bpm of electrifying sound
Digital sounds, cool beats, minor vocals. Picture courtesy of my niece, Jade.
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The title describes the song! Please note if you are having technical difficulties with this song, please email DJ Johnny for a free MP3 version.
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Wierd sounds, heavy beats, bizzare vocals... Hey, it's just a song!
A mellow yet beaty little track that has deep bass and ambient sounds
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A smooth blend of jammin beats, wicked vocals and electronic sounds.
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Dance track with a very housey feel!
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