Woodbox Gang
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If it ain't going nowhere, then it must be going somewhere.
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A man sits at the bar, asking his question to anyone who will listen, but no one will.
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This song tells the story of Harrisburg, Ill., 1920s gangster and bootlegger Charlie Birger who became the last man publicly hanged to death in Illinois.
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Live version of Family Night from Showdown.
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Live version of Squirm, Squirm, Squirm from Showdown, recorded at Mugsy's Entertainment Center in Carbondale, Ill., Oct. 18, 2002.
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They said I got the devil blues in me. I said I just like tearing your stuff up.
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Can't catch me, I'm the...
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Title track to the soundtrack to the Charlie Birger gangster documentary "Legend of Charlie Birger."
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An early Irish-sounding ballad commenting on prison life.
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