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Finally a litttle Jam session .
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2 Chords vamp based on a Michael landau tune it is only the first part out of three, ask for more on my page please
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cool groove infectious melody
Peak in sub-genre #65
My buddy & me doing one shot blues
Peak in sub-genre #96
Jam, true improvisation
Jam session,we come,we plug,we play
Peak in sub-genre #42
instrumental jam with a voodoo vibeWe are
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Don't mess with my girl otherwise you've got a man gettin' mean
Peak in sub-genre #59
i am playing this boss cd1600
Peak position #54
I've find this backing track named Lowell Georges. Fair use , i wanna show you my new squier.
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#2. An other take
It could be Mustang sally as well as a Mark Ford Tune. Fair use to show off my Squier espreeeeeee
Peak in sub-genre #32
Fair use . For my new guitar : Squier Esprit + V Twin. You can get a great Les paul Vibe
Peak in sub-genre #41
My Strat + Vtwin + Alesis Quadraverb plugged in my PC with a Midi file
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