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Alan Aztec Hinton Trance uplifting melodic free demo label bounce nation halifax ALAN AZTEC , Released Tracks = Survive + Guaranteed love - BOUNCE NATION So
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Peak in sub-genre #24 1
the best song i have ever done! i love it
Peak position #72 1
hi peep... just started this track.. i would appreciate sum feedback of any1 about the track (it aint finished yet though)
Peak in sub-genre #15
happy bouncy house
Peak in sub-genre #19
Nice little track with an epic sound , tell us what ya think :)
different from my usual... just thought i'd try something new.... more relaxed approach to TRANCE HOPE U ALL ENJOY IT.. (please give me some feedback)
Peak in sub-genre #12 1
A seriously proffesional track, one of my best trax in a very very long time... I LOVE IT.... RATE IT FOR ME if you do too!!!!!!!
Peak in sub-genre #54
Trance Formed overseas through Revolution X project october. :) for more info on the Revolution X Project.. email:
Peak in sub-genre #50 1 1
hybrid trance taking the old classic elements of trance and brining them into the future.
Peak in sub-genre #49
Revolution X : a massive uplifting trance track... start the Revolution X.
Peak in sub-genre #3
old arabic style trance with the trademark aztec sound
R-XORG , An early version of the revolution X concept, a bit dirty but nice melody
Peak in sub-genre #37
A very deep sounding sad track with alittle hope put in for good messure. i like it. made from scratch in 2 hours. Look out for my viynl ( Guaranteed love + Survive in all record shops now. buy it!
Peak in sub-genre #57
Alan AZTEC Hinton
Peak in sub-genre #40
Just wnna get this trance thing right.. so please give me any feedback you can on this track and all the other ones, thanks
Peak in sub-genre #66
very deep melodic trance track with uplifting vibes, i was hoping the mastering of this one was closer to the real thing... what do you think
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