The PuPP
Alternative New Zealand
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The P.u.P.P doesn't really have a genre, but he put one anyway, because, yeah, they made him. He makes music. Yes.
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Peak in sub-genre #89
Another late night/early morning recording from The P.u.P.P, image by Patrick Tsao
Peak in sub-genre #50
Part One: The Theft, Part Two: The Lie
Peak in sub-genre #32
This song is basically about this song, and everythig else in my mind. Go figure...
Peak in sub-genre #79
In the corner of doom.
Peak in sub-genre #100
I have nothing to say.
An acousticy version of my yet to be released song "Tree".
Peak in sub-genre #20
This is a song about internet chat rooms. Do not take it seriously if you please.
Peak in sub-genre #41
This is the worst song in the world. Listen at your own risk.
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