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Tracy Keeney, Tracy Rivest, Country and Contemporary Christian music
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Music/Lyrics: Tracy Keeney
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1 Corinthians 12:31, Ether 12:11 Music/Lyrics-Tracy L. Keeney, Music Production- Galen Breen, The Gator Hole,Nashville,TN. Vocal Production: Pat McAtee, McAtee Audio Visual Studios, Belton, MO
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written for the Lenexa, KS Stake Women's Conference. Vocals by: Julie Burton, Produced by: Galen Breen, Gator Hole Studio, Nashville
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'Fallen Angel' is a gentle and loving song about repentance, assuring God's children that His arms are open and waiting for our return.
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JUST RECORDED AND RELEASED BY GOSPEL ARTIST SHEILA ALBRITTON, LAMON RECORDS Music:Tracy Keeney, Lyrics: Steve Anderson/Tracy Keeney, Music Production: Galen Breen, The Gator Hole,Nashville, TN
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Winner of the 2003 Great American Songwriting Contest Honor Award!! Music/Lyrics: Tracy L. Keeney
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Inspired after my seeing my daughter build sandcastles at Huntington Island in South Carolina
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Written on a "challenge" to write a song for male voice
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For Sara
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Written in honor of the dedication of the National WWII Memorial in DC (I don't know why-- but this recorded really quietly-- so you'll have to turn it up!)
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