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Zong of the Week is a group of musicians who have pledged to create a new funny song each week. Our zongs range from political satire to just plain silliness.
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For Halloween chills, we take a look at the evil that lies lurking behind the unassuming facade of one neighborhood cheese shop. What we find there is a cross between Alice Cooper, Monty Python, and Broadway's "Little Shop of Horrors."
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Halloween is coming... and we have bad news. All the people you know — or who you thought you knew — have recently turned into zombies. Even famous celebrities, like Rob Zombie and Danny Undead, are jumping on the zombie bandwagon.
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Halloween is coming... and so are hordes of scary vampires! Here's a tip: there's one ordinary vegetable, which you can pick up your local supermarket, that will keep those blood-suckers at bay.
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Hey, I have a question. If the pollsters are so good at measuring the political pulse of the public, then why do we need to go to all the trouble of having everybody vote?
Peak in sub-genre #77
What was Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam thinking, flying into the USA? We're a nation at war, and he's an outspoken peace advocate. Of course we had to deport him before he could threaten our security with his soul-searching folk songs!
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Hey, all you super-American patriots out there! What kind of cheese are you eating? I sure hope it's American cheese!!
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My most loathsome childhood enemy just reappeared in my life... in the most disruptive and irritating way possible.
Seems like everybody's changing their name these days. So I finally decided to change mine. But what new name should I pick? There are so many choices, it boggles the mind!
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Need some help justifying the way you eat? Maybe you could look to the example of the great religious figures. Ask yourself, for example, what would Jesus eat?
Peak in sub-genre #11
We learned this week that the Bush team wants the legal authority to delay the November election in the event of a national emergency. Hmm... if Bush is behind in the polls, do you suppose there will be a national emergency at election time?
Peak in sub-genre #59
This is our take on "Dawson's Creek" and that whole generation of teen-angst TV dramas.
There once was a brilliant, talented rock band. But one day, they released an album that was pure crap. "What went wrong?" hardcore fans lamented. So the band explained...
Peak in sub-genre #59
Data's new address is One Terabyte Drive! That's right, this hard drive is so astonishingly huge, you could never fill it up, no matter what kind of files you have! Impress your friends! Be the first on your block to own this mighty drive!
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The Zong crew set out to write some songs like that famous badger song. The results, alas, were horrible. But, as my grandmother said, "If you can't do something constructive, you can at least sit around and complain."
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Corporate radio keeps getting worse and worse. For one DJ, it's the last straw when the radio station computer plays the Bay City Rollers' classic pop hit on the wrong day of the week.
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