Brandon Bull
Rock Banner, IL  USA
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Christian music in various styles. Mosty Christian Rock & worship music.
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Peak in sub-genre #20 1
A rock song about trusting in Jesus.
Peak in sub-genre #58 1
A somewhat mellower contemporary song that kicks up a bit toward the end.
Peak in sub-genre #59 1
A rock song with a retro flare to it!
Peak in sub-genre #20 2
Christian Rock Song with a bit of Indian influence.
Peak in sub-genre #77 1
A worship song that I recently re-recorded with my new Seagull acoustic guitar.
Peak in sub-genre #77 1
This song is based in part on the Song of Solomon. Some obvious Coldplay influence, I won't deny it. :p
Simple acoustic song about God's love. Thanks to Beth Ricca again for backup vocals. [Added October 8, 2005.]
Peak position #35 1
This is a worship song. The writer is unknown, so I seriously doubt a legitimate copyright is held. Thanks to Beth Ricca for vocals. [Added June 26, 2004.]
Peak in sub-genre #99 1
This is a song about knowing that God is with You even when you can't feel His presence. Thanks to Beth Ricca for backup vocals. [Added June 25, 2004.]
Peak in sub-genre #41 1
I recorded this song a couple years ago, then my computer crashed, so I lost the file. So this is a new recording. I wouldn't really consider it country, but that seems to be the nearest available match. I plan on re-recording it again in a more J
Peak in sub-genre #52 1
This is a worship song I wrote a while back, but never got around to recording. It's a good thing, too, because I probably wouldn't have been able to do that thing on the electric guitar (one of my favorite effects). [Added June 4, 2004.]
Peak in sub-genre #32
Just a short demo I came up with for something I'll probably make into a song someday. Contains some major errors, but it's just a sampler.
Peak in sub-genre #51 1
As much as I tried to avoid it, this song sounds too much like 'Kiss From A Rose,' even though I had only heard the song a couple of times (and not even the whole thing). [Added April 8, 2004.]
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