Tricky Spinz
Instrumentals Coxsackie, NY  USA
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hip hop beats and techno
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Peak in sub-genre #88
Dance remix of Ion Square by Bloc Party
sample: 'The Ecstasy of Gold' acapella: Kanye West's 'Diamonds from Sierra Leone' pure gold.
Harder Better Faster Stronger Remix
Another entirely sampled piece except the drums. All samples came from a single song.
Remix of Clint Mansell's 'Party' off the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack
Notorious BIG Scarface Mix. (Tricky Spinz + DJ Franchize Collab)
Peak in sub-genre #94
Hot new Techno song. A little softer and ligher in mood, similar to Eurodancer. Starts off soft and fades in so don't worry if it's very quiet at first.
IllMuzik Sample Flip for August 10th. All sounds are straight from the sample, minus the percussion.
Rock You Like a Hurricane Remix
Delfonics remix done using only one sample.
HOT TECHNO/CLUB BEAT. sounds kinda like Chemical Brothers in parts.
Revised Version of Starwars Remix
turn that bass up, cuz this one's a banger. hot ass club joint.
Hot Hip Hop/Rap beat
almost the same as original. just brought the drums a little more to the front so they don't get lost. had to lower the overall level a little to stop clipping though
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