Vanilla Shadoe
Pop Oskaloosa, IA  USA
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A virtual band, one dabbler on PlayerPro using Quicktime Musical Instruments.
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For the curious: this is the 'rubber band banjo' that I mention on my main page. Rubber bands wrapped around a shoebox. Two-string model.
Album: Shadoe Sessions Peak in sub-genre #35
The piano exercise that forms the core of 'Hanging Around.' Rhythmic bass on a tritonic scale; melodic treble based on alternating notes on a pentatonic scale, centered on GA above middle C, with variations. Top 60 Piano song.
Album: Shadoe Sessions Peak position #2
Spoken Word track introducing Shadoe Sessions. Peaked at #2 on the overall talk/poetry charts; #1 nine days on the talk subcharts (five-four consecutive). Not bad for a promotional message!
Album: Shadoe Sessions Peak in sub-genre #54
Acoustic MIDI version of "I'm Back," with acoustic fretless bass, acoustic nylon guitar, and drum kit #1. Also a synth choir, as usual.
Album: Shadoe Sessions Peak in sub-genre #38
Very rough sketch of "I'm Back," it doesn't sound much like the final version. My first experiments with PlayerPro. Top 70 Experimental Electronica song.
"Shadoeland" also gets the Soundwave treatment. The other Soundwave remixes were retired from the charts, but this song was UNRETIRED after being added to tenstring's station 1-31-2006.
The individual vs. society.
"Hanging Around" gets the Soundwave treatment.
I've found guitar samples (Soundwave, available at with much better timbre, although they may be a bit clipped (was the microphone too close to the guitar?) The song now sounds a lot better and a lot closer to what I had in mind.
Album: Shadoeland (EP) Peak in sub-genre #100
No commitment, just hanging out. Top 100 Pop General song. Click on any of my song titles to see where they peaked.
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