Alternative Evansville, IN  USA
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Amish Techno Hip Hop Death Metal
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This song sucks
Peak in sub-genre #18
This is one of my oldest songs
Peak in sub-genre #19
this song like every song i make... sucks so much ass it's almost pornographic
This song used to be good... but then lighting hit my desuckifier and made it add suck to all my songs
ouch... i think i got drunk once and took a dump in my random song generator and this came out
Peak in sub-genre #21
Oh **** someone woke up the robot.
This one was made before the desuckifier was installed... which explains the suck
Sorry about the bitrate needed to get a 13:37 song under 10MB
Peak in sub-genre #18
This one actually doesn't suck... it was the only song to make it through the desuckifier while it was working
Peak in sub-genre #36
Song I made for a now cancelled video game project.
Peak position #96
This is what old people hear...
Peak in sub-genre #41
Unfinished Song but not bad as is
Quick 12 second song where i make my point and go about my business
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