Brady Arnold
Rock Miamisburg, OH  USA
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Brady Arnold is an Indie musician, singer, songwriter making recordings since 1992. The style of music is progressive, rock, pop, industrial, and experimental.
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Album: Existence Peak in sub-genre #25
A dark introduction to the Existence album.
Album: Existence
An 80s style song about the contemplation of taking a life.
Album: Existence
A classical / orchestral song about denial, and regrets.
Album: Existence
An instrumental track featuring dreamy synth textures.
Album: Existence
A lush synth textured song about isolation.
Album: Existence
An odd metered instrumental track built from random musical samples.
Album: Existence
An 80s sounding song about sleep and dream troubles.
Album: Existence
An ethereal sounding song about a girl that only exists in dreams.
Album: Existence
A pop-rock song about life regrets, and growing old.
Album: Existence
A dramatic song that puts the listener right in the mind frame of one suffering through a panic attack!
Album: Existence
An epic song about escaping life problems.
Album: Existence
A suspenseful track that counts down to prisoner #0164's last moments on the firing line!
Album: Existence Peak in sub-genre #24
A mournful sounding song with some weighty existential lyrics.
An alternative pop song about foregoing love for life ambitions.
Album: The United States of Unconsciousness Peak position #66
A pop rock song written about a sever headache.
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